FAQ Building Blocks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A collection of answers on the most frequently asked questions concerning the new STAUFF Digital Platform

General questions

I need an offer. What is the best way to place my request?

I need technical advice. Who should I contact?

I would like to request a catalogue - What do I have to do?

I need a CAD model - Where can I find the models?


I need help using stauff.co.nz - Who can I contact?


You can find more detailed information in the shop guides.

I am new here and have some questions about the process.

Where do the prices on the platform come from?

How can I see my individual pricing?

What are the benefits of a registration in the shop?

How can I check if my account is linked to my customer number?

What is a quick order and how does it work?

When I place a quick order, individual prices are not displayed in my shopping cart.

Where can I view my pending orders?

What does “preferred delivery date” mean?

I would like to add another default shipping address. What do I have to do?

How can I pay by invoice?

My company uses the platform. We need another access for an employee. What do I have to do?

Your question is not answered? Is something still not clear for you? We will be happy to help you. Simply use the contact form .